The big reason these motors are so fast is of course becuase of the 2-Stroke consiguration. Instead of 4 cycles to complete the combustion process they have 2. This means they simple spin are higher rpm’s and put out more horsepower than a 4-Stroke. The next is the gearbox transmition. Instead of having one gear ration like most go karts these karts have 6 speeds or ratios to transmit maximum torque at all speeds. My favorite engine currently is the Vortex ROK 125 cc shifter, man these things can really scream. If your in the market for the fastest 2-stroke out there now drop by this site shifter kart engine. They seem to have good inventory and knowledgable staff to help you out. Remember you have to tune the motor right or you can blow it up or simply it won’t run well. Happy racing everyone and get to the track as much as possible!! Also recienty I was looking for go karts racing near me, and it was easy to find a bunch of places that you could go run at. Indoor and outdoor tracks both provide an incredible time so make sure to look around near you.

Vortex Shifter Kart Engines For Sale 125cc

Vortex engined shifter