Insurance coverage races and street circuits registration fee

Following the disproportionate increase of the insurance policy for karting races taking place over two days, from the cost of € 354 (year 2015/2016) with real mutual insurance at the current cost of € 1500 with Allianz, (winning company of ‘tender organized by ACI), also with the obligation to take out the policy in the federation before the approval of the supplementary regulations (see press ACI of 03/03/2016 and 03/09/2016), All this entails a increased organizational costs not indifferent going to affect every driver participant about € 20 so the banner of when the above said the registration fee for on street circuit races held over two days will be € 120 (one hundred and twenty) and on those carried out on a single day will be € 110 (one hundred and ten).

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