How To Become A Fast Go Kart Racer

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Superkart Racing Is Sick!!

When you really want to have a good time take the family to the local indoor go kart track actually they have electric carts and sometimes gas that travel upwards of 45 miles per hour. This may not sound like a lot of speed but when you are inside a building getting half an inch off the ground translates into a heck of a lot of fun. It’s important to understand how to get the most the fastest driver when you’re at the go-kart track so here are a few tips. Do not slide you have to understand that tires slow down when they are slid sideways. Keep the tires rolling at all times and you will faster for it. The next thing to understand is is with the controls. Use the steering wheel the throttle and the brake pedal gently, not like you are running a jackhammer into concrete, but more like you would pull the trigger on a rifle. Another tip is that you can pull at the steering wheel and lift yourself out of the seat to free up the rear axle. This is an old school trick that many Kart Racers know about. The rear wheels create a lot of drag so if you are not leaning back on them they will use last drag. Now make sure to look far ahead down the track and use all of the road and you will be the fastest driver at the go-kart track 90% of the time. This way you can rub it in to all your family and friends claim that you could make it as a Formula One or NASCAR driver.